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You Don't Have to Pay the Sticker Price for Any College or University!

What is the minimum amount needed for your son
or daughter to attend a particular school?

When you and your college-bound student eventually visit a prospective college or university, ask yourself, "What has each family paid for their student to attend this school?" The correct answer for all families should
be, "We did our planning and paid no more than what we were legally and ethically required to."

College planning is a confusing and complex process. This process can be reduced to 3 very important functions:

  1. Student Positioning: All the tasks a student must accomplish for a successful college admissions process.See Services We Provide for more information.
  2. Financial Positioning: Effective Positioning of the student & family for the best financial aid award possible.
  3. Forms Submission: The completion of FAFSA and CSS/Profile (if necessary) financial aid forms forms, and assistance all supplemental questions, all with varying deadlines.

Many families ignore the fact that simply choosing the right college may be one of the most effective ways to maximize educational funds. Don't make this mistake!

Effective Financial Positioning, well in advance of the day when college applications are due, will ensure your family's ability to pay the minimum necessary for any college or university. Yet, many, many families wait until application time to begin thinking about college costs and their family's budget. Don't make this mistake!



Completion of all forms should be accomplished only after steps 1 & 2 have been completed.

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